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Where burglars enter homes the most

Although no one wants to think about the possibility of have their home invaded upon, it’s important to keep the scenario in the back of one’s mind. Starting things off with a home security system is undoubtedly the best line of defense, but also entering the mind of a burglar also puts you at a stronger advantage when it comes to protecting your home.

One of the things to think about is where the burglary begins; the point of entry. Not all burglars are the same when it comes to which part of the home they might choose to enter. Simply entering through the front door or a window might seem like the obvious means, but it’s necessary to realize that it’s not always that simple.

Statistics to be aware of


According to a survey cited by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (IACHI), 81% of all home invasions start on the first floor of a home. The most common entry way, as one might imagine, is through the front door. 34% of burglar prefer to enter through the front door. One study conducted by New Zealand’s Ministry of Justice showed that 40% of break-ins observed were through forced entry, but another 32% was through an unlocked door.

Unlocked doors continue to remain a significant oversight for homeowners, leading to an easily avoidable home burglary. It is important to remain vigilant about keeping your doors locked as much as possible. Unless you’re doing a home project that involves going inside and outside often, it’s best to keep your doors locked even if you’re home.


In the same source cited by IACHI, 23% of burglars conducted had entered a home through a window. While this may seem like a difficult tactic to actually get away with, it still isn’t far out of reach considering the overwhelming percentage of burglars who enter a home through the first level.

Remember that with a ADT home security system, you are able to place security sensors on windows that will set off the alarm if any disturbance is detected. Disturbances include when glass on a window is broken.

Even with a security system, make it a point to protect your easily accessible windows with things like tall shrubberies that take away the chance for a burglar to act discreetly.

Back Door

The IACHI source places back door burglaries not very far behind that of windows, coming in at 22% of observed burglaries. Even if you don’t use such doors often, it is certainly worth devoting the same level of attention to security as to other points of entry. Make sure to keep these doors locked with a dependable mechanism. If you have a sliding back door, it’s a good idea to use a door stopper that will not allow the door to open more than an inch.

As with other points of entry, placing a security sensor in your main backdoor is worth it. These entries can be forgotten if untouched

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