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Benefits of Having a Smart Home

Homes today are being revolutionized by smart technology. You can’t see it from the outside, but what’s happening within is changing the way we live day-to-day. There are key benefits in having a smart home, namely: home automation, enhanced security protection and energy-efficiency. How does each improve home life? Check it out:


Home Automation

Most of us have to manually do tasks around the house, such as getting up to adjust the thermostat, lock/unlock doors & turn lights and appliances on or off. They’ve become routine chores because we haven’t known any other way. But whoever invented home automation was a genius—we can now remotely manage all these from a smartphone or tablet.

And the devices that allow these are great on so many levels. Here are a few devices that provide useful home automation components:

  • Nest Thermostat

Nest has created a smart learning thermostat that by the first week can anticipate preferred day and nighttime temperatures. Regardless of your own location, Nest can be remotely controlled on any smart device with a Wi-Fi connection. While everyone is away, a home away assist feature allows the thermostat to automatically power down to conserve energy. A neat feature is Nest Leaf, which signals when energy is being saved, based on the set temperature.

  • GoControl/Linear Z-Wave Garage Door Opener Remote Controller

The Linear Z-Wave garage door opener allows homeowners to remotely open and close their garage doors from anywhere using their mobile device. This feature helps alleviate any second-guessing on whether or not the garage door was closed after leaving the house (we’ve all done that many times). For additional safety, both audible and visual warnings are given before the garage door is opened. What’s great is that it is compatible with most automatic garage openers, so it can be installed in most homes.

  • Kwikset Deadlock

The Kwikset deadlock likewise gives users remote access to lock and unlock their doors. All that’s needed is a smart mobile device and Internet connectivity. It’s great for all those times that you have your hands full and need to get the door. The Kwikset deadlock let’s you know when someone is entering or exiting the house—sending both text and email notifications.


Enhanced Security Protection

Remote home surveillance devices allow homeowners to have more control of their security. When everything can be monitored on a mobile device, there is very little that goes unnoticed. With that said, there are a number of indoor and outdoor cameras providing remote surveillance, but one ingenious example of this is the Ring Video Doorbell. It takes an everyday household item and transforms it completely.

  • Ring Video Doorbell

Think of the Ring Video Doorbell as a technological peephole that adds extra home security. It features a surveillance camera and two-way audio. So anytime someone rings the doorbell, the homeowner will be notified of someone’s arrival and can remotely see who’s at the door (using his or her smartphone or tablet). With two-way voice audio, it’s easy to communicate with the visitor—even while away from home. When away, there is a feature that enables voice messaging for the times that the homeowner can’t respond.



It’s safe to say that utility bills seem to always skyrocket—and it’s actually true. Did you know in the last few years, energy costs have increased by 37%? The reason for this is two things: 1) people use more gadgets and appliances 2) homes built after 2000 consume 2% more energy.

Home heating alone is 40% of an energy bill. During the colder months, know that every degree lowered on the thermostat saves $5 on an energy bill. So smart devices like the Nest Thermostat greatly reduce these costs. And in general, home automation features that remotely turn lights and appliances on/off will greatly reduce how much energy is wasted (i.e.: leaving one light bulb on throughout the night costs $21).

ADT Pulse has a number of components that likewise caters to today’s smart homes. Check out our Pulse page and ask us how. How much is a security system? Pulse packages start at $52.99 and include a range of features that are not provided in our other package options.



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