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Michael Lamardo

Basics of Firearm Safety


While firearms have been, and will likely always be, a source of contention in the United States, it is no secret that gun owners see their firearm primarily as a means of protection. It is also no secret that guns are in a lot of homes across the country.

According to Statista, the percentage of US households with one or more firearms in 2015 was 41%. This number has hovered around 37% and above since 1972.

With gun ownership… Continue reading

ADT Home Security Now Equipped with Ring Video Doorbell

ring db

Ever wanted to see who was at your door without having to walk up towards it? There’s an understandable level of trepidation that you might face once you hear your doorbell ring? Is it just a package from a delivery person? Is someone trying to solicit some sort of unwanted service?

This is an important level of home security that ADT Home Security has accounted for through its partnership with RingTM, a company that has pioneered the smart… Continue reading

Spring Cleaning for Safety: 4 Tips to Consider


Spring Equinox arrives on Sunday, marking an end to a rather long and cold winter across the country. After having been pent up in all of our homes, you might notice more foot traffic around your town and neighborhood.

Warmer temperatures and a greater presence of the Sun could mean that you’re encouraged to optimize your home for the warm weather. While spring cleaning is chore to some, others see it as a benchmark towards the new season. Before you… Continue reading

5 Behaviors of Burglars To Know

window burglarly

When it comes to home security, a big part of preventing burglary before it happens is understanding how burglars target and carry out their attack. Continuous advances in security technologies have certainly made it more difficult for burglars to make a getaway after burglarizing a home, but if criminals have one quality, it would be persistence.

Even though you may have already set up your home with an ADT security system, another great form of defense is knowing the… Continue reading

ADT Introduces Canopy: A New Security-as-a-Service Solution


Announced today, The ADT Corporation unveiled its latest addition to its ever-growing line of home security features that reflect on the growing mobility of the home security customer: Canopy.

With ADT Canopy, 24/7 monitoring will expand to a wider array of mobile devices so that customers can readily communicate with an ADT professional when an emergency strikes.

“The introduction of ADT Canopy as a Security-as-a-Service solution is a game-changer for both the Smart Security space and ADT,” said ADT CEO… Continue reading

Where burglars enter homes the most

Although no one wants to think about the possibility of have their home invaded upon, it’s important to keep the scenario in the back of one’s mind. Starting things off with a home security system is undoubtedly the best line of defense, but also entering the mind of a burglar also puts you at a stronger advantage when it comes to protecting your home.

One of the things to think about is where the burglary begins; the point of entry.… Continue reading

Know your locks: A quick guide

Door locks are the first barrier to entry for anyone looking to break into your home. Like many other technologies, door locks have advanced far beyond just using a key to unlock. Smart home technology has allowed for homeowners to do away with a metal key and rely on mobile devices and even biometrics to access their home.

Other than a dependable home security system, having a strong door lock can mean the difference between a burglar attempting to… Continue reading

Autumn Home Safety Tips

Labor Day has passed, which some people see as the unofficial last day of summer. In reality, we still have two weeks left of summer, but those two weeks will go fast. The fall season is upon us, which means gradually dropping temperatures (depending on where you live), and an endless supply of pumpkin spiced products.

As you prepare to get into the season, it’s also time to start thinking about simply safety measures that you can take for the… Continue reading

Let your voice be heard: The ADT Pulse® Voice App

If you are already a customer of ADT Pulse®, then you already know about the level of home control and security you are given. The convenience of being able to manage your security system, along with your lights, heating, and more is what sets ADT Pulse®  from the others. But now ADT has just made your Pulse® experience even better with the introduction of the ADT Pulse®  Voice App.

With the introduction… Continue reading

Forget the key under the mat: Why you need home automation.

New Years celebrations have come and gone, and we have now been greeted by 2015. While all of the holidays are over, that doesn’t mean that Americans are done taking a break. Depending on where you live in the country, January is a good month to get way from the cold weather and into a more warmer climate. Perhaps it’s a trip to the beach or even across the ocean, but one way or another, you might be planning a… Continue reading