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Andrea Fisher

A writer for the home security industry, Andrea enjoys exploring key issues concerning security and addressing ways to protect homes and families.

How a Home Security System Can Be Financially Beneficial

There are numerous things to consider when looking at a specific home security system that is being offered from a reputable provider. The first thing you should always look at is of course, the security company itself—see how long they’ve been in business, what ratings and customer feedback they’ve received. You should then compare the different security packages being offered by them and narrow it down to the one that will best fit your specific monitoring needs.

ADT monitoring has… Continue reading

What You Should Do Before Traveling for the Holidays

With the holiday season now here, there are countless things that are probably on your to-do list—especially if you are going out of town to visit family and friends. This is a time where people travel all over the globe to get together to share what matters most to them, celebrating merriment, joy and love to all those they hold dear.

But before you even start packing, there are a few things around the house that you should know and… Continue reading

Halloween Safety Tips



Many—both children and adults alike consider Halloween a special time of year. It’s a time to dress up in costumes and attend various social functions. With the air so cool and crisp, the stifling hot summer months are put behind us. With that said, the start of October is a time where people begin decorating their homes with witches, ghosts, vampires, etc. and really start to enjoy the beginnings of the fall season in it’s entirety (who doesn’t… Continue reading

Benefits of Having a Smart Home

Homes today are being revolutionized by smart technology. You can’t see it from the outside, but what’s happening within is changing the way we live day-to-day. There are key benefits in having a smart home, namely: home automation, enhanced security protection and energy-efficiency. How does each improve home life? Check it out:


Home Automation

Most of us have to manually do tasks around the house, such as getting up to adjust the thermostat, lock/unlock doors & turn lights and… Continue reading


Smart gadgets allow homes to operate more efficiently. Depending on the device, they may help you save money, provide additional home security, or even make mundane chores easier to tackle. We’ve come up with a list of items that aren’t just smart; they’ll also improve your life. Here’s what we found:

1. Kuri the robot nanny

Kuri the robot nanny seems like it came straight out from the Pixar movie, Wall-E. It’s the creation of a Bosch-backed startup called… Continue reading

Tips to Childproof Your Home


Little ones love to explore. And as they begin to crawl and walk, it’s easy for them to get into some potentially dangerous situations. As a parent, it’s crucial that you childproof your home. We’ll explore some key rooms to tackle, and offer suggestions on what you can do to make each space as safe as possible for your child.

The Living Room

The living room is probably the room that most of us spend the most time in.… Continue reading

New 2016 Scholarship for $500

Protect Your Home is hosting a new 2016 educational scholarship for $500. This is the third time that Protect Your Home has hosted this scholarship on, and it’s anticipated that it will continue to be held every year. Interested applicants must fulfill these two basic requirements: 1) be enrolled or will be enrolled at either a two or four-year college or university and 2) applicants must be a U.S. citizen or permanent legal resident of the U.S.

The essay… Continue reading

Fourth of July Safety Tips


July 4th is just a couple of weeks away. Not only does it mark the anniversary of day we claimed our independence from England, back in 1776, it’s a day we unite together and celebrate. For Americans everywhere that usually includes two main activities: 1) grilling and 2) lighting fireworks. Each year, the number of fires and injuries from these is surprisingly great; the thing to keep in mind is that many of these related incidents could be avoided—with the… Continue reading

Social Media Safety


Currently, 76 percent of Americans use social media; to put that into perspective, that number was only 7 percent just 10 years ago. The average Internet user has over five social media accounts. On a global scale, there upwards of 1.65 billion mobile social accounts currently.

Over the last decade, social media has become a central part of modern-day communication. Social sharing ties together friends, family, coworkers and acquaintances— despite the physical geography. Whether it is a tweet, status update,… Continue reading

Coping with the Aftermath of a Home Burglary


We think of our homes as a safe place for our possessions and loved ones. So, when a home is burglarized, there’s a lot more going on then the physical damage and loss of property; it’s also an emotional violation. If you’ve experienced a home burglary, it’s likely hard for you to shake the feeling that you are no longer safe— despite the fact that you’ve checked and double-checked that all the windows and doors are locked. To put it… Continue reading