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Smart gadgets allow homes to operate more efficiently. Depending on the device, they may help you save money, provide additional home security, or even make mundane chores easier to tackle. We’ve come up with a list of items that aren’t just smart; they’ll also improve your life. Here’s what we found:

1. Kuri the robot nanny

Kuri the robot nanny seems like it came straight out from the Pixar movie, Wall-E. It’s the creation of a Bosch-backed startup called Mayfield Robotics. And what it does is nothing short of impressive. It’s a mixture of being a mobile security camera that can perform various smart home control functions. It has a camera that is perfect for keeping an eye on children and pets—and can even do so while you are away.

It features four microphones that allow it to respond to voice commands. Kuri does move throughout the home; its laser sensor allows it to navigate around objects (similar to an iRobot Roomba vacuum). Kuri will have both an iOS and Android app and will have approximately 3 hours of battery life.

2. Moen’s U connected shower

The U by Moen shower is changing the showering process. We’ve all done it before: turn on the shower, let it heat up, get distracted and not get in right away. It wastes both water and time. The U is a Wi-Fi/cloud-based digital shower that allows you to customize your shower. With it, you have the ability to preheat the water, control the temperature and set the shower duration—all with your smartphone. The U comes equipped with a 5” LCD screen that displays the shower status. And with the smartphone app, up to 12 personalized presets can be created.

3. Olly Robohub

Olly is a voice-controlled smart assistant by Emotech. It’s in the form of an animated eyeball, which can then roll around, swivel and speak on your tabletop. It’s easy to compare Olly’s capabilities to other smart devices like the Amazon Echo or Google Home that can connect and control smart devices, answers questions, etc., but what makes it different is it’s unique learning capabilities. It learns your routines and patterns and then predicts what things you like, such as music.

4. Hello Egg

Hello Egg directly targets today’s millennials who want to eat out less and start cooking at home. Based on your dietary preferences, it automates food routines—from planning meals to providing step-by-step cooking assistance. Surprisingly it can also order grocery delivery. As a bonus, Hello Egg has the ability to stream music, provide weather forecasts/news feed, set voice-enabled timers and reminders.

5. Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

There are refrigerators and then there’s the new Family Hub by Samsung—with capabilities that seem endless. The first thing about it is that it has a large, Wi-Fi enabled touchscreen that does things like: manage groceries, order groceries directly, display images and coordinate everyone’s different schedules. And it’s one of the only refrigerators that can also entertain. With built-in speakers, it can stream music using the Pandora and Spotify apps. Perhaps one of the best features of the Family Hub is its 3 built-in cameras which are activated every time the doors close—letting you see and know what you are running low on, using your phone.

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