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Coping with the Aftermath of a Home Burglary


We think of our homes as a safe place for our possessions and loved ones. So, when a home is burglarized, there’s a lot more going on then the physical damage and loss of property; it’s also an emotional violation. If you’ve experienced a home burglary, it’s likely hard for you to shake the feeling that you are no longer safe— despite the fact that you’ve checked and double-checked that all the windows and doors are locked. To put it plainly, someone entered your home, took your things and nothing has felt the same ever since.

Unfortunately, it’s natural to feel this way after a home invasion. The good thing is that you can do something about it; you no longer have to feel like a victim. You can feel safe again; it’s just a matter of coping with the situation and receiving the proper emotional support.


Tip #1: It’s okay to allow yourself to feel


The FBI reports that the average dollar loss from a burglary is over $2,119. For any person, it’s a cost that’s difficult to fathom losing overnight; and some of that are undoubtedly items that can’t be replaced. And only 21 percent of all stolen property is ever regained.

Since your home burglary, you’ve likely felt a combination of denial, anger, sadness, fear and confusion. It’s a grieving process—you see, you are actually grieving over an exceptionally personal type of violation: the loss of both your safe place and physical possessions.


Tip #2: Seek Emotional Support


Emotional support from your family, friends and local community will help you feel less isolated. The truth is, people care and want to comfort and assist you during this difficult time. A village working together achieves more than one person alone; so don’t be afraid to seek the help of others.

If you find yourself having trouble sleeping, feeling jump and simply not feeling like your old self, you may be experiencing PTSD-like symptoms. It might be beneficial to talk to a professional therapist. They can help you get past this difficult situation. Whatever you do, don’t go through this struggle alone.


Tip #3: Focus on what you can Improve

  • Your Mental Well-BeingThe mind is a powerful thing, capable of dealing with a variety of situations. To feel less like a victim and more in control, things like a martial arts class or other form of self-defense can greatly boost your self-confidence. They’ll also help prepare you for a variety of potentially threatening situations. The key is to empower yourself and be prepared for the unexpected.
  • Your Home SecurityThere is nothing more relieving than to know your home is equipped with a top-of-the-line security system. Getting a home monitoring system greatly reduces your odds of ever being targeted again. In fact, homes without a security system are 300 percent more likely to be broken into. When there’s a burglary occurring every 14 seconds, it’s essential to be proactive about your home security.There are a variety of home monitoring options that will suit your individual security needs. You’ll find that there are great security packages with prices that will meet a variety of budgets—so just analyze your current monitoring needs and choose the one that’s right for you.

You see, you were a victim, but you no longer have to feel like one. Taking these necessary steps will help get through the emotional trauma and help protect your home from a range of unwanted situations. Today is the day things can change.


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