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Be Cautious of Scam Artists


You shouldn’t ever feel unsafe in your own home. After all, your home is your own personal fortress; you should be able to go there to retreat from the outside world. But things aren’t always quite that simple; burglars target homes everyday. It makes sense to turn to ADT, the leading provider in the security industry. To-date, we have over 6.4 million total customers who turn to use for their home and business safety.

When you finally turned to ADT monitoring for your home protection needs, not only were you signing up for 24/7 monitoring services, you also were getting the best state-of-the-art security equipment. These together greatly reduce your odds of becoming a home burglary victim. Burglaries are expensive—costing the average victim over $2,000 in losses (and that’s on top of any emotional trauma).

Our customers receive systems that are professionally installed by our own installers. Based on your specific security package, your home is equipped with a combination of home monitoring devices such as: wireless window and door sensors, built-in motion sensors, full-service digital touchpad, indoor siren sounder, etc. But, once everything is said and done, you still need to be cautious of possible threats…like scam artists.

Scam artists design strategic ploys that seem believable. Like you would use caution with someone claiming to be from the bank, you should also use caution with people who claim to be with ADT monitoring. If you feel like a potential scam artist is targeting you, do not disclose your ADT account information. Ask to see their ADT company identification. Please contact us and we will verify whether or not they are with ADT monitoring.

The below video is just one example of a security scam. The scam artists in this scenario targeted a Virginia Beach family. The scammers claimed they were updating home security equipment.

Protect yourself from a similar situation. Find out how to spot a deceptive sales scam. If you ever become a scam victim, would you know what to do? You can take action against door-knocker scams by:

  • Reporting the scam to the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Contact your Attorney General’s office
  • Contact your nearby Consumer Protection Agency
  • Going online to verifying ADT authorized dealer ID numbers

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