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Let your voice be heard: The ADT Pulse® Voice App

If you are already a customer of ADT Pulse®, then you already know about the level of home control and security you are given. The convenience of being able to manage your security system, along with your lights, heating, and more is what sets ADT Pulse®  from the others. But now ADT has just made your Pulse® experience even better with the introduction of the ADT Pulse®  Voice App.

With the introduction of the Voice App, you’ll be able to performance many of the same commands that you can already do on your phone, but with your own voice.

When you download the free app as an existing ADT customer, you’ll be prompted to setup a vocal pass phrase that utilizes biometric voice recognition technology, granting access only to you based off of the authentication of your own voice. The pass phrase that you choose will serve as your overall password to the control panel of ADT Pulse Voice.

Just what can you do with your voice? More than you think.

  • Log in and log out with your own voice using a phrase of your own choice
  • Arm or disarm your system through voice command
  • Lock and unlock your doors through voice command
  • Adjust and control both lighting and heating/cooling through voice command

There are moments where your hands are full and you just aren’t able to access your phone. There are other times when you shouldn’t be using your phone at all, especially when you are driving. But it’s not uncommon to forget to do something as you walk out of your house and leave for the day – locking your door or arming your system are just a few of those examples.

Instead of worrying about the safety of your home, let the new ADT Pulse®  Voice App make home security even easier for you to manage, no matter where you happen to be.

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