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ADT Home Security Now Equipped with Ring Video Doorbell

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Ever wanted to see who was at your door without having to walk up towards it? There’s an understandable level of trepidation that you might face once you hear your doorbell ring? Is it just a package from a delivery person? Is someone trying to solicit some sort of unwanted service?

This is an important level of home security that ADT Home Security has accounted for through its partnership with RingTM, a company that has pioneered the smart doorbell industry. The addition of RingTM will open the door for ADT Home Security to continue its foray into the world of security automation technologies, already having been well-established with products such as ADT Pulse and all associated partnerships.

Starting in July, ADT Pulse customers both current and existing, will be able to experience the power of RingTM as part of their ADT Home Security system. Ring can be ordered online or purchased at select retail locations. From here on out, Ring will be able to get integrated into one’s ADT Pulse system.


What Ring can do for you…

Through the RingTM app, customers can get a view of their front door thanks to a 1080p camera that not only enacts when one’s doorbell rings, but also when any movement is detected at all.

While it might be commonly assumed that burglars avoid the front door to make their way into a house, research has shown that the front door is actually the most common entry point. You want something that will keep you in the know of who is approaching your front door, no matter where you happen to be at any given time. RingTM  is the technology that makes this possible. You’ll regularly be in the know, and never miss out on anyone approaching your property.

Not only will you be able to see who is at your door (from anywhere that you happen to be), but you can also speak to the person at your door thanks to two-way voice technology that is built into your Ring system. It’s the ultimate security gate that keeps you in the know regarding who is at your door with having to get too close.

Just like the ADT Pulse App, the RingTM App also makes it possible for customers to remotely lock their front door, arm their security system, and turn on the lights from anywhere an Internet connection is available.

Call today to learn more about ADT is partnering with RingTM, and start getting even more out of your home security experience with ADT today!

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