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Security Tips For Your Home

Installing a home security system is the best way to help prevent break-ins and theft, but complete home security requires the daily application of practical tips that will help to keep you, your family, and your possessions safe.

  • Install motion sensor lights: Install motion sensor lights in dark corners outside your house, particularly ones near entranceways. Turning on whenever there is movement, these bulbs help ensure burglars have no place to hide.
  • Always see who’s at the door: Most of us assume if the doorbell rings it’s someone we know. We often don’t think twice before opening the door, but we should. Never let your children answer the door, and install a peephole to help ensure you’re getting a good look before you unlock it yourself.
  • Trim your shrubs: Untrimmed bushes growing around houses provide burglars with an easy hideout as they attempt to gain access to your home.
  • Use timers on your indoor lights: When you’re out of town, one of the easiest and smartest things you can do is install a timer to turn interior lights on and off at reasonable hours. Some people leave radios on as well. This gives the appearance that you are home even when you might be far away.
  • Don't forget about the garage: You may not think about it, but your garage can be a favorite scoping spot for an intruder. If you keep a lot of possessions in the garage, don't leave the door open if it doesn't have to be. Burglars love to make judgements on some houses based off of what it's in the garage.
  • Consider a dog: All the clichés are true—having a dog on patrol at your house, especially one prone to barking at strangers, typically makes yours a less than appealing target for burglars.
  • Don't leave notes on your doors: Never leave notes for friends, neighbors, or family members that suggest the home is empty. While you’re away, you have no clue who might appear on your front door to find it.
  • Don’t be lazy with mail and newspapers: Make sure you’re picking up your mail and bringing in your newspaper at a regular time each day. If you’re heading out of town, put a hold on both or kindly ask a neighbor to pick them up for you. You’d be surprised how much a stuffed mailbox, or a stack of old newspapers, says about you and your whereabouts.
  • Join or start a neighborhood watch: Is there a neighborhood watch group in your neighborhood? If so, join. If not, create one. Being a good neighbor means watching out for those living around you. If you see something that appears suspicious, contact your local authorities. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.
  • Install a home security system: A home security system is the #1 best way to help protect you, your family, and your possessions, and nowadays—with affordable wireless and hard-wired systems available—there’s no reason not to have one.

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